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Pet Portraits by Artist Donald Boniface
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The love of animals has provided me years of appreciation  for some of  nature's most precious gifts to the world.  Thru the years of providing  graphics  for  many  companies  and  people,   I  have developed a  great  fondness for creating  oil pastel portraits of our  special  family  friends.



Artist Robert Phelps
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 “Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with”     
~Mark Twain
St. Petersburg, Florida artist Robert Phelps is a big fan of Mark Twain...and the Rolling Stones...and Hunter S. Thompson...and boxing....and nymphs...and John Lennon....and animals, especially dogs and cats... Naturally exuberant, he paints what gives him joy, believing this to be the highest form of artistic “statement”. “I have to force myself to focus on a singular theme for a set period of time in order to complete a show. I am fascinated by so many things and want to wander down so many paths that I have to be disciplined.”
“Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.”
~Vincent Van Gogh  


  “When you love something you can really “see” it. Otherwise your [ … ]
Stephen Huneck
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Artist Stephen Huneck  
   "In the world of struggling artists, Stephen Huneck's success has been meteoric. He is a strong believer in fate, and perhaps that is part of the explanation. There is no doubt that his figures are whimsical, amusing and charming, but they also have the power to evoke an immediate emotional response in anyone who sees them. Therein lies their wide and ever-growing appeal." ~ Roberta Vesley, Library Director, AKC.  
  Stephen Huneck's home and studio are in St. Johnsbury, Vermont which he shares with his wife, Gwen and his three dogs. Two Black Labs Artie and Sally and Molly a Golden Retriever. Stephen and Gwen have totally furnished their home with Stephen's artwork. He works in his private studio attached to their house. Near their home is Dog Mountain where the Dog Chapel is located. You can often meet Stephen at his primary gallery in Woodstock, VT on Saturdays persona [ … ]
Art For Animals 2010
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Art for Animals 2010!!

Alright Bella Dog readers…feeling creative? Have an artistic talent that you’re dying to express? Get out your pens, pencils, paint brushes, clay, cameras or whatever medium you Join me in celebrating this year’s annual Art for Animals 2010!

When most people think of laboratory animals, they envision rats, mice, monkeys, etc.  For true animal lovers, the very thought of ANY animal being subjected to unnecessary pain and torture sends chills of anger and sadness. Well, don’t think for one second that our four legged, furry best friends are kept safe from such a horrible fate.  Every year, millions of dogs and cats suffer at the hands of so called scientists.  Support this year’s Art for Animal 2010! Express your talents or vote for your favorite artistic display! The animals are depending on you!

Visit Art for Animals 2010 on facebook and www.navs.org to check it out and get informed!

Nicoletta Poli
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Nicoletta Poli was born in Hoboken New Jersey, but moved to Molfetta Italy at the age of 3. She began drawing at a very young age inspired by her father who is also a painter. Her first drawing was of a horse and the skill she demonstrated through this painting marveled teachers and classmates alike. Since then, she hasn’t stopped impressing anyone fortunate enough to discover her talent. She returned to the United States with her family in 1968 and went on to graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New york City. In 1982 during a visit to Provincetown,Cape Cod, she fell in love with the town and realized that there she could devote her life to her first love, painting. She engulfed herself in the process of creating art, painting along with other artists and being inspired by the many well known artists that have lived there in the past.


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